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A2Z Service Center

A2Z Service Center is a family automotive repair shop located in Muskegon Heights Michigan, owned by Bill Silva. A2Z not only has very great competitive pricing, but they are willing to work with you an help you through the whole car repair process to ensure your family's safety on the roads.

Check out the website at www.A2ZServiceCenter.com

A2Z Service Center Website

American Barn Quilts

American Barn Quilts was founded by Marilyn Anderson.  She has always been drawn to the simple elegance of life; the quiet, the special, the treasured moments. Quilting, knitting, crafting and gardening have always brought great joy into her life; even as a young girl growing up in the farming community of Caledonia, Michigan. In January of 2009 her husband was looking through the monthly magazine from "Great Lakes Energy" their electric co-op and saw a small article on Barn Quilts. He showed it to her and she was hooked. She made him one for father's day. Then decided she would love to design and sell them so others could have the opportunity to enjoy them too...then American Barn Quilts started to come alive.

Check out the website at www.AmericanBarnQuilts.com

American Barn Quilts Website

Mamaca's Baklava

The word Baklava alone can make your mouth water.  Imagine twenty layers of phyllo dough brushed with REAL sweet creamery butter.  Every five layers a delightful mixture of walnuts and almonds is added.  It's baked and covered with honey- natures pure liquid gold. Mamaca's Baklava comes in many flavors and it is one of the owner's, Kristi Buris, specialties.

Check out the website at www.MamacasBaklava.com and see where you can get some today!

 Mamaca's Baklava Website

Muskegon AutoCare Group

"The mission of the Muskegon AutoCare Group is to provide quality repair service by our group independently owned repair shops. We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of each and every member of our community that walks through our doors. Doing the job right at a fair price with continued improvement." Learn more about the group and their project at their website.

Check out the website at www.MuskegonAutoCareGroup.com
 Muskegon AutoCare Group Website

RMS Disposal Inc.

RMS Disposal is a locally family owned and operated business in West Michigan. In 1976 three Jones brothers, Russ, Mike, and Scott, partnered and formed RMS Disposal Inc. in Fruitport, Michigan following in their fathers footsteps. Their team understands that "quality of service" is what sets them apart from their competition, they do this by keeping up with their routes, regularly servicing and maintaining their equipment and keeping competitive. They also have a staffed office to help answer questions as well as to dispatch trucks and containers. Best of all, you will always get straight answers and no gimmicks, or sales pitches - it is what it is.

Check out the website at www.RMSDisposalinc.com
 RMS Disposal Inc. Website